Seven HEBREW words for PRAISE

Yadah – To hold out the hand, to revere or worship with extended hands.

Halal –  To be clear, to make a show, to boast and thus be foolish, to rave or to celebrate.

Tehillah – From the word “Halal”. Laudation or hymn of praise.

Barak – To kneel and by implication, to bless GOD as an act of adoration.

Zamar – To strike with the fingers, to play an instrument accompanied by voices, hence to celebrate in songs and music.

Shabach – To address or glorify GOD in a loud tone or shout.

Towdah – An extension of the hand in adoration; specifically a choir of worshippers; confession or sacrifice of praise.

Hebrew words for Worship are Segad and Shachah. Both the words mean “ to Bow down”. The main Greek work translated as Worship is Proskuneo which means to ‘kiss the hand; to homage or reverence’.

Worship is manifested through Praise, Thanksgiving and Offering. The words “PRAISE” and “WORSHIP” cover the whole of our response of love and appreciation to the LORD

Characteristics of Praise

  • Praise puts GOD in first place.
  • Praise flows from our relationship with GOD.
  • Praise is a conscious choice.
  • Praise is a willing sacrifice.
  • Praise is an expression of faith.
  • Why should we praise and worship GOD?
  • GOD is enthroned on the praise of HIS people – Psalm 22:3.
  • Nothing can praise and worship GOD quite like man – Psalm 30:9, Psalm 115:17-18.
  • Praise and worship lifts up and rejoices in GOD’s great deeds both now and in the past – Psalms 40:5, Psalms 98:1, Exodus 15:6.
  • Praise and worship proclaims GOD’s greatness and majesty to the world – Psalms 66:5-8.
  • Praise and worship releases GOD’s blessing to us – Psalm 67:5-7.
  • Praise and worship releases GOD’s power – Psalm 149:6-9, 2nd Chronicles 20:12,22.
  • GOD created man to praise and worship HIM – Isaiah 43:21, Ephesians 1:3-14.
  • We have been instructed to praise and worship GOD – Ephesians 5:18-20, Psalm 146:1, Psalm 100:4.
  • Praise and worship is a sacrifice that pleases GOD [ not just our lips but our whole being ] – Hebrews 13:15-16, Psalm 107:21-22, 2nd Samuel 24:24, Romans 12:1.
  • GOD is worthy to receive our praise and worship! – Revelation 5:9-14.

Taken from the teachings of Rev. Dr. Ernest V. George – Founder and Senior Pastor of Garden City AG International Worship Centre.